There are many addins available for Excel elsewhere over the internet.  MIDAS Tech is different.  We provide Excel addins that serve a particular purpose, or theme.  We provide addins that enable process modelling.  Here process modelling means a series of calculations that can be described by a flowsheet.

In particular the MIDAS process modelling method is particularly useful to assign a model to a ‘master-shape’  and then (however the flowsheet is constructed), the system creates all required streams (connectors) and units (shapes) and ensures automated dataflow.

There are a number of process modelling systems depending on whether the user uses Visio Flowsheeting or XL Flowsheeting, and whether they want a native XL system or VBA system.

All systems are a fraction of the price of other commercial systems – and are specifically designed to be of value for prototyping by undergraduates and professionals.

The applications are particularly useful if you want to distribute a customised simulation system for a specific domain; although we do recommend that after using the prototype system that we are contacted to increase the robustness for your particular domain application.

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